LP4 series

LP4 series is Wincode's first released series of thermal transfer/direct thermal desktop label printer.

LP4 series is built with elegant bright black double-walled plastic enclosure and safety open cover design to avoid hand clamping in operation.

 (LP4N series: 8 LEDs, 1 feed button)

LP4 series has the following features:

1. 24hr nonstop printing without overheat shutdown 

2. Precise printing on 3mm smallest label height 

3. Clamshell double-walled structure

4. Screwdriver-free easy assembling cutter and peeler

5. Intuitive display panel provides user-friendly interface

6. Dual ribbon loading design (1/2'' and 1'' inch)

7. Cover closing buffer design 

8. WinLabel software support database functions

9. (LP4A) Standalone operation, no need to connect computer

10. (LP4A) Multiple external devices connectivity e.g. scan gun, scales, keyboard

(LP4A Series: 4 buttons, 1 LCD screen, 2 LEDs)